Bring the sno to your party or event this summer with our Zydeco Ice party packs and event trailer.

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Zydeco Ice Snoball Trailer (We Serve)

For larger events (2 hour minimum)

$400 + $25 travel fee – 200 8 oz guaranteed

$600 + $25 travel fee – 200 12 oz guaranteed

$175 – for each additional hour – 100 8 oz guaranteed

$250 – for each additional hour – 100 12 oz guaranteed

Give Patricia a call at 512-635-6389 for special school pricing and fundraising opportunities.


Zydeco Ice Party Packs (You Serve)

$60 - Minimum pack serves 20 12 oz

$2.50 – each snoball purchased above 20

$30 – deposit, fully refundable upon return of our containers/bottles

Party pack includes shaved ice, cups, spoons, napkins and your choice of flavors (1 bottle for every 10 snoballs). We shave the ice into our sanitized containers right before your event and the ice will stay soft and fluffy for 2-3 hours if the container is kept closed and out of the direct sun.

Ready to bring the snoballs to your event?

Send us more information regarding your event for availability and accurate quote.